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This is a Professionally Trained and Presented Program, showcasing exotic birds from Central & South America. The quality of this show rivals those of zoos, theme parks, water parks and aquariums for educational value, and goes so much further than that, taking you into the realm of high entertainment.

Birds flying in to perform their table tricks like Basketball, the Shell Game and the Cylinder Walk... or flying down to the floor to ride a Bicycle or Scooter. The excitement level rises when they fly through hoops over the audience. This isn't one of those "Fall asleep in your seat lecture kind of shows", there is no time to even blink an eye, we cover so much in so little time. This show moves at such a quick pace, that it will leave you spinning in your seat wondering when it was you ever had so much fun.


A full 30 minute, Theme Park Style Bird Show, with enough flair to keep it exciting all the way through. Using 5 to 8 birds, offering Flying, Natural and Prop Behaviors, flying through hoops, talking, riding unicycles & bikes, playing basketball, ring toss and a whole lot more.

16 feet wide X 10 feet deep, is the absolute minimum area, to stage the Big Show. We can fill, and be more comfortable on a stage three times that size. Our sound system, or we can use yours. Floor and carpet protection are provided, we bring everything for the Show, so you can relax & enjoy the event.

We also do TV Commercials, Movies and Modeling... Given enough time (normally 2 to 4 weeks) with your props, the birds can be trained to do customized behaviors, to fit your Commercial or Movie.

Make your next event really "Special" with a Dynamic Exotic Parrot Show trained by ParrotBill. Over 27 years of experience Training Birds, doing Trade Shows, Festivals, Events, and other Entertainment Venues.

Parrots add Life, Color, Excitement and Atmosphere to your event... offer your clients something new, offer them the Best with Parrot Bill and his Dynamic Performing Parrots!!!

As a colorful entertainer, Parrot Bill has been featured in numerous publications and is an established icon of the parrot head laid back lower keys generation. When it comes to animal acts, Parrot Bill's Exotic Bird Show is the best. Parrot Bill's Dynamic Parrots are some of the most incredibly well trained Parrots this side of the Mississippi River. Over the past 27 years they have entertained audiences from Key West, Florida (Sunset Celebration) to Michigan, and everywhere in between. His fast paced parrot show takes you to another level of entertainment not often seen or expected in a parrot show. With free flying Macaws performing both natural and prop behaviors, his show will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through. Parrot Bill works primarily in Savannah, Georgia but also performs for private and commercial audiences.

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