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Clicker Training Made Easy
Out Door Flight
Click Train Basketball
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Free Beginner Bird Owner's Guide
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"FREE BEGINNERS GUIDE" now in pdf formFree Beginners Guide in PDF form, Please Click Here
those Mac users who can't download ".exe" files, the Free Beginners Guide is now in pdf form too download to your computer or click here Free Beginners Guide and go to the webpage version. These copies have the same easy navigation that the ebook version has, along with the same vital information. You will need a Acrobat Reader to view the pdf version but not the webpage version Free Beginners Guide you can download Acrobat Reader free with this link»»»»»»» »»»»»Free Acrobat Reader

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Click Train BasketballHas the same first care & feeding chapters as the big book, it also has the husbandry behaviors and basic clicker principles, but it has been cut down so you can select the tricks you are interested in and not buy more than you will use. This cuts the price in half and gives you a chance to see how easy training your bird really is without investing a lot. The first in this series teaches you to train Basketball, Ring Toss and Money in the Piggy Bank. You can download it to view the table of content and see if this is the book for you, before you buy, and there are more Ebooks to be added to this series very soon.


Clicker Training Made Easy©
is the first of it's kind! Written for the novice bird owner as well as the more experienced Clicker Training Made Easy enthusiast, that will help you build a stronger relationship with your bird than ever before dreamed, with fun and easy to train behaviors such as... 
  • 23 traditional table tricks, including how to teach your bird to play basketball in the matter of an hour or so.
  • Free Fly your parrot outdoors and having it come back when it is called, as simply and safe as letting the family pet out the back door.
  • Impress your friends when you teach your bird to talk on cue and have it appear to answer intelligently.
  • Husbandry Behaviors to help your vet retrieve lab samples without the stressful toweling procedures.
  • Solving behavior problems like, Biting, Screaming and Plucking, and turn a Problem Bird into a best friend in no time.

Anyone can do it, with these easy to follow instructions. Parrot Bill has been a Professional Trainer for over 23 years and is happy to share his experience and training insight with you. Nowhere can you find so much diversified information all wrapped into one package.

Clicker Training Made Easy, is equivolent to a 100 page Handbook with lots of Great Photos & extras like, live links to buying props, bird medication and much more.

The first Chapters of these Ebooks serves as a good beginner's guide to give the first time bird owner a good start with a new bird, providing advice on the care, feeding & housing. Plus there are some beginner training techniques included. You will learn how to curb bad behaviors like aggressive biting, screaming and plucking.

The last exciting chapters were written for anyone who wants to learn Professional Secrets to trick training, husbandry behaviors and talking. Plus the bonus here is when you learn fight conditioning for the best success in outdoor free flying your parrot. The free flight chapter includes the 3 flight training videos we've been talking about (that can only be accessed from inside this book), to help you get started flying your bird.

There is no better feeling than to see your bird fly high and play in the trees, knowing all the time that it will come back as soon as it is called. Birds were meant to fly, they stay healthier, stronger and get the cardio that they need for living a long happy life, as well they will once you learn these secrets.

With the videos Clicker Training Made Easy could easily be a $30.00 value. In fact, this is the very first training guide ever to teach how to safely fly your parrot outdoors & be able to call it back when you want it. So what are you waiting for? These ebooks will not work on Mac Computers.

New! "Blue Prints to Building a $2,000.00 Bird Bike"

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